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High Level is a safe space for anyone In recovery from any form of addictive behaviour. We also support family and friends who may be worried about the drug and alcohol use of others.

Staff at High Level support people in their recovery. We have staff who are trained counsellors who can work on things such as passed issues, current problems and provide support for people to live a life addiction free. There are groups that meet at High Level that can be beneficial in bringing people together for personal development and also to support one another.

We also provide a range of holistic treatments to help with sleep and relaxation. Advice and guidance is also available on a range of issues.

Remote services are provided for those who cannot access and also during local and national lockdowns.

(Access via front door on Drake Street opposite Water Street)

What we do

We can support people short term or long term it is entirely their choice.

We support people through empowering them to take control of their own lives by making positive choices instead of repeating old behaviours.

Our Vision

“The Trusts objectives are to deliver a holistic therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation programme to anyone suffering from the effect of any form of addiction or stress”

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling and shopping can affect anybody, members of our family, friends or work colleagues.  If people do not recover from their addiction it will take everything from them.

People quite often think that once a person has undergone the medical detox from their addiction that they are cured.  However, the next part of their recovery can be the most important and the most difficult.  This is the time when relapse can happen and a person reverts back to old behaviours and habits if the correct support is not in place.

This is why High Level (Northern) Trust is so important to people who need support once they have stopped taking drugs or using alcohol.  We help them become empowered in their own recovery and support them with the issues that are left after the substance has been removed.