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Donation and Sponsorship and privacy policy

How can you help? —- Sponsorship and donations

We are a registered charity and we can only continue to do what we do through donations and external funding.

Funding for 2017/2018 – we currently receive a grant from the local council and funding from The Henry Smith Charity.  However, this does not cover all of the costs for running our charity and we actively seek donations and sponsorship from local companies, organisations, people and philanthropists.

High Level has helped thousands of people in recovery from substance and other addictions since we registered as a charity in July 2002 and we still want to be able to do this on a long term basis.  If you think you can help fund us please contact us on 01706 860247 or email us info@hlnt.org.uk.

Support High Level (Northern) Trust and help you community in the following ways:-

Just some of the benefits for individuals who remain substance free:-

  • Allows people to develop life skills and strategies to improve their lives.
  • Increases health and access to health care service.
  • Increases life expectancy.
  • Enables families to work together to find positive ways forwards.
  • Parents and children reunited.
  • Relieves social isolation and loneliness
  • Allows people to contribute to society
  • Allows people to become motivated to find employment
  • Allows people to become motivated to enter into education

Just some of the benefits for society of supporting people to be substance and addiction free:-

  • Reduces crime rates
  • Reduces doctors waiting lists
  • Reduces homelessness
  • Reduces emergency admissions at hospitals
  • Reduces anti-social behaviour
  • Reduces pressure on the police force

“The Trusts objectives are to deliver a holistic therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation programme to anyone suffering from the effect of any form of addiction or stress”

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling and shopping can affect anybody, members of our family, friends or work colleagues.  The effects of addiction can be devastating, with significant losses affecting  individuals. Family breakdown, negative effects on children, which can be seen through the generations. Financial difficulties can lead to bankruptcy and homelessness. The need to feed the addiction can lead criminal behaviours and imprisonment.

People quite often think that once a person has undergone the medical detox from their addiction that they are cured.  However, the next part of their recovery can be the most important and the most difficult.  This is the time when relapse can happen and a person reverts back to old behaviours and habits if the correct support is not in place.

This is why High Level (Northern) Trust is so important to people who need support once they have stopped taking drugs or using alcohol.  We help them become empowered in their own recovery and support them with the issues that are left after the substance has been removed.

Our Data Protection Statement

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the information provided by you in this registration form will be held by High Level (Northern) Trust as data controller. The information will be used by High Level (Northern) Trust as permitted by you in the above application. Your contact details (name, contact address, telephone number, e-mail, and social media) and information will not be shared, unless you have given us permission to share it or we believe you are going to harm yourself or others.  Please note we are bound by child protection laws and if we believe a child is coming to any kind of harm or suffering from neglect we are required to report this information.

No other information will be passed on to a third party without written or verbal permission.

  1. We have further policies available if you require them.  They include child protection, safeguarding, full GDPR policy, health and safety etc etc.