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Donation and Sponsorship and privacy policy

How can you help? —- Sponsorship and donations

We are a registered charity and we can only continue to do what we do through donations and external funding.

Funding for 2017/2018 – we currently receive a grant from the local council and funding from The Henry Smith Charity.  However, this does not cover all of the costs for running our charity and we actively seek donations and sponsorship from local companies, organisations, people and philanthropists.

High Level has helped thousands of people in recovery from substance and other addictions since we registered as a charity in July 2002 and we still want to be able to do this on a long term basis.  If you think you can help fund us please contact us on 01706 860247 or email us info@hlnt.org.uk.

Support High Level (Northern) Trust and help you community in the following ways:-

Just some of the benefits for individuals who remain substance free:-

  • Allows people to develop life skills and strategies to improve their lives.
  • Increases health and access to health care service.
  • Increases life expectancy.
  • Enables families to work together to find positive ways forwards.
  • Parents and children reunited.
  • Relieves social isolation and loneliness
  • Allows people to contribute to society
  • Allows people to become motivated to find employment
  • Allows people to become motivated to enter into education

Just some of the benefits for society of supporting people to be substance and addiction free:-

  • Reduces crime rates
  • Reduces doctors waiting lists
  • Reduces homelessness
  • Reduces emergency admissions at hospitals
  • Reduces anti-social behaviour
  • Reduces pressure on the police force

“The Trusts objectives are to deliver a holistic therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation programme to anyone suffering from the effect of any form of addiction or stress”

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling and shopping can affect anybody, members of our family, friends or work colleagues.  The effects of addiction can be devastating, with significant losses affecting  individuals. Family breakdown, negative effects on children, which can be seen through the generations. Financial difficulties can lead to bankruptcy and homelessness. The need to feed the addiction can lead criminal behaviours and imprisonment.

People quite often think that once a person has undergone the medical detox from their addiction that they are cured.  However, the next part of their recovery can be the most important and the most difficult.  This is the time when relapse can happen and a person reverts back to old behaviours and habits if the correct support is not in place.

This is why High Level (Northern) Trust is so important to people who need support once they have stopped taking drugs or using alcohol.  We help them become empowered in their own recovery and support them with the issues that are left after the substance has been removed.

PRIVACY POLICY (policy number 55)

Policy Statement

We want everyone who supports us, or who comes to us for support, to feel confident and comfortable with how any personal information you share with us will be looked after or used. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use and store your personal information (this means any information that identifies or could identify you).

This policy may change so please remember to check back from time to time.

1.       Who we are

High Level (Northern) Trust’s objectives are to a deliver a holistic therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation programme to anyone suffering from the effect of any form of addiction or stress.  We are committed to protecting your personal information and making every effort to ensure that your personal information is processed in a fair, open and transparent manner.

We are a “data controller” for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and (from 25 May 2018) the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“Data Protection Law”).  This means that we are responsible for, and control the processing of, your personal information.

  1. What data we collect and how we use it

The type and quantity of data we collect and use depends on why you have provided it.

We will only collect, use and otherwise handle your personal data, where you have consented to this for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, where this is necessary to fulfil legal obligations that apply to us, where it is necessary for our legitimate interests relating to running our daily operations, as long as, in each case, these interests are in line with applicable law and your legal rights and freedoms.

We collect information from you in the following ways:

When you interact with us directly: This could be if you are a Service User at High Level (Northern) Trust), ask us about our activities, register with us for training or an event, make a donation to us, ask a question about mental health, purchase something, apply for a job or volunteering opportunity or otherwise provide us with your personal information. This includes when you phone us, make a purchase, or get in touch through the post, email, social media or in person.

When you interact with us through partners or suppliers working on our behalf: This could be if you access our service or another service which is delivered through a trusted organisation working on our behalf and always under our instruction or in partnership with us.

When you interact with us through third parties: This could be if you provide a donation through a third party online or one of the other third parties that we work with and provide your consent for your personal information to be shared with us.

When you visit our website: We reserve the right to gather general information which might include which pages you visit most often and which services, events or information is of most interest to you. We may also track which pages you visit when you click on links in emails from us. We may also use “cookies” to help our site run effectively. There are more details below – see ‘Cookies’.

No cookies, please

You can opt out of all our cookies (except the strictly necessary ones). Find out how to control and delete cookies in your browser.

But, if you choose to refuse all cookies, our website may not function for you as we would like it to.

3.       Information we collect and Sharing of data

 Personal Information

Unless we are required to share your data for legal or regulatory reasons, to help with a complaint, or to administer a Gift in Will, we will never share your data with other organisations unless you give us permission to or ask us to.

We do use third-party organisations to help us collect donations such as online funding sites, funding charities, local and national funding authorities and fundraising organisations.  This will not be sensitive data unless you give us permission or expressively ask us to share this information.  Where we use external companies to collect or process data on our behalf, we carry out comprehensive checks on these companies, and control how they manage the data they may collect or have access to.

Personal information we collect may include details such as your name, date of birth, email address, postal address, telephone number, email and credit/debit card details (if you are making a donation), as well as information you provide in any communications between us.   We will mainly use this information to keep a record of our relationships with you, to process donations, to claim gift aid, verifying financial transactions, administrative purposes for our service, To comply with the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 and follow the recommendations of the official regulator of charities, the Charity Commission, which require us to identify and verify the identity of supporters who make major gifts so we can assess any risks associated with accepting their donations, to administer a volunteer arrangement and to invite you to participate in surveys or research.

Sensitive Personal Information

We will not share sensitive or personal information with any other service unless you have given us permission to do so, asked to do so or we have a legal obligation to.  A legal obligation may be anyone reporting serious self-harm or posing a threat to others or children contacting us and sharing serious issues such as physical abuse or exploitation.

 4.       Legal basis for using your information

There are other lawful reasons that allow us to process your personal information and one of those is called ‘legitimate interests’. This means that the reason that we are processing information is because there is a legitimate interest for High Level (Northern) Trust to process your information to help us to achieve our vision of ensuring that everyone experiencing an addiction or mental health problem gets both support and respect.

Whenever we process your Personal Information under the ‘legitimate interest’ lawful basis we make sure that we take into account your rights and interests and will not process your personal information if we feel that there is an imbalance.

Some examples of where we have a legitimate interest to process your Personal information are where we contact you about our work via post, use your personal information for data analytics, conducting research to better understand who our supporters are, improving our services, for our legal purposes (for example, dealing with complaints and claims), or for complying with guidance from the Charity Commission.

  1. Sharing your Information

We will never sell or share your personal information with organisations so that they can contact you for any marketing activities. Nor do we sell any information about your web browsing activity.

We may however share your information with our trusted partners and suppliers who work with us on or on our behalf to deliver our services, but processing of this information is always carried out under our instruction. We make sure that never use it for any other purposes. Some examples of where we may share your information are with our fulfilment partners who help to create and send information to you to process donations and claim Gift Aid and our partners who help us to manage our social media accounts.

Legal disclosure

We may disclose your information if required to do so by law (for example, to comply with applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice or in response to a valid request from a competent authority); or, in order to enforce our conditions other agreements.

  1. Keeping your information safe

We ensure that the most appropriate technical controls are in place to keep your data safely. Access to your data is regularly reviewed and only accessible to the relevant trained staff, volunteers and contractors.

Where we use external companies to collect or process data on our behalf, we carry out comprehensive checks, and put in place controls as to how they manage the data they may collect or have access to.

Any information we keep in paper files is kept in a locked environment.

7.       How long we hold your information for

We only keep it as long as is reasonable and necessary for the relevant activity, which may be to fulfil statutory obligations (for example, the collection of Gift Aid).

If you are a service user we will keep your information for at least as long as we have agreed with you.

  1. Your rights

We will only collect the data that we need to carry out the purposes you have contacted us for, or given us permission to use it for.

To enable us to carry out the purposes you have contacted us for, there will be occasions when we will make some data collection mandatory i.e. your name and address to claim gift aid, or your personal details to become a service user. If you don’t provide this data, we cannot carry out the purposes you have contacted us for.

We will always tell you why these fields are mandatory.

At any time that you wish you can:

  1. gain access to your personal information,
  2. object to the processing of your personal information,
  3. object to the use of automated decision-making and profiling,
  4. restrict the processing of your personal information,
  5. ask for a copy of your personal data (known as data portability),
  6. rectify or correct your personal information, and
  7. have your personal information removed (known as Erasure or the ‘right to be forgotten’).

Where you have provided consent to be contacted or to receive a service, you will be entitled to withdraw that consent at any time.

If you are at any point unhappy with the way that we handled your personal data, you can make a complaint to the Board of Trustees in the first instance.

  1. Monitoring

Your communications with our team (including by telephone or email) may be monitored and/or recorded for training, quality control and compliance purposes to ensure that we continuously improve our customer service standards.